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Bullet Welcome to DigiJ! This program was written for professional DJs, music enthusiasts and those in need of an easy way to organize their digital media.

Bullet Are you looking for a better way of searching and playing your extensive media library? DigiJ provides advanced searching and playlist generation capabilities, and will have your Music File collection indexed and tagged with useful metadata to enhance each track's visibility in your collection. DigiJ un-invasively catalogs your entire media library without altering any of its contents like other programs sometimes do. You're able to quickly locate specific music whether it's on disc, vinyl, or in a media file.

Bullet DigiJ provides unlimited ways for you to categorize your music the way you want to. Have an idea for a different way to track your tracks? DigiJ is flexible with fully customizable and assignable track attributes and genres. Customizable database columns are also provided, increasing flexibility when importing existing databases.

Bullet DigiJ is different from other DJ programs because it lets you assign a variety of customizable attributes to your tracks. Say you have a Genre called 'Techno' assigned to a track, and Attributes 'Heavy Rotation' and 'Saturday Night'. When you're at your gig you can now find this track by searching any combination of these Attribute tags or by the Genre itself. You can also search metadata combinations, such as: find all the Heavy Rotation Techno in my collection between 120 and 140 Beats Per Minute in the key of A#m.? Endless ways to catalog your music are available.

Bullet DigiJ supports a wide variety of metadata about each musical track. Searches are performed on Beats Per Minute (BPM), Harmonic music key (Camelot system), attributes genres, artist name, song title, album name, recording year, music service type (such as Promo Only or RPM's Top Hits USA) and many other pieces of information tied to each track.

Bullet DigiJ provides many ways to import entries into the database. DigiJ can import an existing library in an Excel spreadsheet or any other Separated Value text file. Custom delimiters are supported beyond the standard comma and tab separation characters. DigiJ can also batch create database entries directly from MP3 ID3 tags, and supports all versions up to 2.3 including extended tags such BPM, Key and Rating. You can also backfill and write your MP3 ID3 tags directly from the DigiJ database, or re-sync DigiJ's database from your music files if you've updated them in another program.

Bullet A real-time BPM calculation assistant is available to help you sync tracks while you perform. Simply tap out the tempo of the live track and then the cue'd track and let DigiJ calculate the tempo variance for you. DigiJ also automates the Camelot harmonic music key mixing wheel graphically within the search result grid. Simply hover your mouse over a track with Musical Key information for a list of compatible tracks by key.

Bullet Are you a mobile DJ? DigiJ is your complete DJ software solution. There is Client and Gig management, as well as customizable contract generation and management functionality. DigiJ also features a Gig Designer which helps you generate playlists based on time slots and music styles, useful for similar recurring parties.

Bullet DigiJ release log

Bullet Current DigiJ version 7.0 build 793     32/64 bit compatible: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Bullet MD5 checksum: 679B43B2858FF1DA138E5BF2AC9C851B

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