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Bullet Downbeat is FREE SOFTWARE that provides an easy way to determine a Music File's tempo in BPM (Beats Per Minute).  Downbeat was written for DJs who beat mix music files together and need each track to contain its tempo as an attribute in a database or ID3 tag.  Many of todays music software packages rely on BPM values to enable automated beat mixing. Downbeat can automatically analyze your entire music library at the push of a button!

Bullet Downbeat provides an easy way to determine the BPMs for a batch of music files. Once the tempo for the batch of files has been calculated, that value can be written to the ID3 tag of each file and stored for future reference. If you don't want to write the value to the file meta-data, you can export your BPM analysis list to Microsoft Excel, if you have that software installed on your computer. Couple Downbeat with other great music & DJ utilities from Shoutware such as "Electronome" and "DigiJ", and you have a powerful music tool suite.

Bullet Downbeat provides a full Help package to get you started. In addition, Downbeat comes with several custom skins that are selectable to let you customize the program look.

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Bullet Downbeat version 2.2

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