Electronome - Advanced metronome with audio tempo detection

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Bullet Electronome is FREE SOFTWARE that provides an easy way to calculate the real-time tempo differences between two audio tracks.  You can tap out a tempo or use the automatic BPM detection functionality to quickly calculate it for you.  Very useful for DJs who beat mix songs together, or any musician creating music.

Bullet Electronome is a 2 channel software metronome and tempo variance calculator. It supports tempos ranging from 30 Beats Per Minute (BPM) up to 250 BPM. Electronome supports common metronome features such as setting the beat tempo to a known number, but also provides advanced tempo selection through dynamically averaging a tap'd input. Say you don't know the exact tempo of a song that you're listening to. Keep beat with the track on the Tap button and Electronome will calculate the tempo for you. Set Channel 2à´¥mpo and Electronome will calculate the BPM variance between the two tracks. Very handy for DJs or anyone mixing music on their computer.

Bullet Electronome also is capable of real-time automatic tempo detection which generates Beats Per Minute for any audio that is input to the computer.  DJs can loop their Program or Queue mixer output channels back to a computer for real-time BPM calculation.

Bullet To graphically display a beat, notes are color coded and different sounds are played depending on whether that beat is normal or an accent. Normal and accent beat sounds, and note colors are customizable. Electronome also provides a measure configuration utility that allows you to configure the beats per measure time signature, output beat colors, and designate accent notes.

Bullet  The Camelot harmonic key mixing wheel is implemented within Electronome. This tool graphically shows you what tracks will be compatible with other tracks harmonically when mixed together.

Bullet  A full Help package is provided to get you started. In addition, Electronome comes with several custom program skins that are selectable to let you customize the way your metronome looks. 

Bullet Electronome release log

Bullet Electronome version 5.0 build 70

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