Media Move - Scheduling and automation for batch file transfers,
network and local data backup, FTP integration, peer to peer file transfers


Media Move Main Screen 

Media Move Task Scheduling Screen                 Media Move Task Scheduling Screen

Download Media Move Setup (MSI installer file)

Bullet Media Move manages scheduling for automated batch file transfers and data backup. Files can be moved between Local and Network drives, FTP servers, and even directly connected to other people running Media Move!  This application runs in the background and automates the tedious and error prone file management that you hate to do.

Bullet Are you tired of signing up for accounts on dozens of different web services to see your friends snap-shots?  Have you been uploading your pictures to resolution crippling online photo albums?  Media Move simplifies and improves sharing files online with friends. 

Bullet A program trial featuring 100,000 file transfers is instantly available by downloading Media Move.

Bullet Media Move has built in security features that let system administrators set and lock the app's configuration and backup tasks. 

Bullet Three program tiers are available, depending on the type of file transfers and backup you need to do.

Bullet Media Move release log

Bullet Media Move version 7.2.4: Fully functional 100,000 file move trial!

Download Media Move Setup (MSI installer file)

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