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Bullet People Tech helps you coordinates communication within your organization by providing a centralized repository for personal information. People are categorized into families or groups, then families or groups into organizations. Information is kept in such as way that redundancy is eliminated, providing "change it once change it everywhere" capability no matter how many groups or organizations an individual is in.

Bullet Use People Tech to organize contact information for church members, youth sports and activities, clubs and enthusiast groups. Small businesses can centralize employee contact information and manage your client lists.

Bullet People Tech helps manage communication lists within activity groups from its centralized database, eliminating multiple copies of high maintenance contact information spreadsheets.

Bullet Members are easily locatable through advanced searching features. You can even browse people and families by picture when a name or other information is unknown.

Bullet A wide variety of information is tagged with time-stamps, allowing you to quickly determine what information in your system is out of date.

Bullet People Tech provides tab separated text file and Internet vCard import utilities if you are moving from an existing contact management system or are simply consolidating outdated contact spreadsheets.

Bullet Data is stored centrally in a Microsoft Access database, allowing you to write custom reports for your information. Data import and export utilities are also provided.

Bullet Detailed reports provide membership directory printing capability, and even allow you to export your reports in a Adobe Acrobat PDF format for distribution to staff or other members.

Bullet People Tech release log

Bullet People Tech version 4.2.0: Fully functional trial with no time period or transaction count limitations!

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